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It does take long and some people die as a result. But there are some people who have it the quickest and most efficient way and they become a ventriloquist. They have an idea and they are the first person on stage in a troupe of puppeteers who are performing in the circus. They don’t know where they are going, it’s probably to be the last performer. They are the people that make the audience want to come in. They are the ones that take the cue card to give them some clues as to what’s going on and they do this for years and years until one day they are doing it by the book. What they say is, “I think I heard the voice of the man with the mask on. It sounded like he was talking to me, so I’m going to play this little bit more. I’m going to put my hands down here and I am going to speak in this way.” They go over to the box and play it again and again and again until the voice does not sound familiar. The first few people play it perfectly and then they start to hear something. It’s this sound that they are hearing and they say, “Here. This is my cue card.” You need good vocal practice to be able to play this in front of other people who are not quite as good and they’re not quite so experienced in their voices as you are. You have to make sure you do your vocal homework on every character you play. Sometimes people say, “Well, in the end it’s all about the performance.” That’s good advice and I’m a big fan of that line. Sometimes when I do my vocal practice I go and play with different voices to see what type of sound I can make. But I’ve learned that if you want to be a ventriloquist you want to go into it knowing that you can do this and be that. If you learn to really play this stuff it helps a lot and if you get on stage and you play it it’s really nice to make the audience laugh. A lot of them will find just that and just laugh with you. I think you do that for a very good reason. I don’t know if it’s that you have talent and if you do your vocal homework you’ll find out that you can do this.
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Interviewer: The thing that struck me about you from the beginning are your deep voices and that you have a big set of notes that you are practicing all the time. You were quite skilled

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