How long does it take to become a ventriloquist? – Is Ventriloquism Real

You may not be able to tell if it takes longer than a half hour, but many people are saying it does take more than 2 hours.

In his book, Ventriloquism: A Guide to Success, Dale A. M. Simeone wrote that “the average adult ventriloquist has approximately six hours to produce a ventriloquist response.”

So the average average adult has at least 6 hours of time to act out the ventriloquist act over the course of the show’s run. This is the most I’ve heard that it takes more time than 6 hours. But I’ve heard the “average” person needs even more time and that you have to start in on the intro or the opening or the last act.

So do you need to know how to draw the ventriloquist’s act, how to be a ventriloquist, how to be a ventriloquist in your own life? I don’t know if they are the same, but I think it is a great exercise to try to figure out if ventriloquism takes more time than you think it does.

This is about drawing ventriloquism, isn’t it? I love to draw people and then have them laugh and cry. I’ve been thinking about this since I went into theatre and was a fan of theater. The question came up again the other day that I thought was worth it to talk about this.

Here’s the question: do you enjoy creating ventriloquists in your own life? Can you see yourself doing some ventriloquism in your own life? If the answer is NO, I think the answer is YES!

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