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You can use puppets anytime. For the first few days, you can make your first puppets if you just show up with a few tools and a few materials that you have stored away and can use everyday. You can even have fun using a puppet for demonstrations with the kids, watching them try to figure a puppet out.

How do you make your puppets?

The main step in making a puppeteer is to identify who your puppets are and then to give them their proper names, which usually happen in the beginning. For example, say our friend Mr. B., his name is Harry, and he wants to make a puppet for a friend named David. So, he draws a picture, then says “Mr. B.” David says, “That’s my friend Mr. B. Now, I want you to make a puppet of my friend Mr. Y…” Mr. Y looks at Mr. B’s drawing and starts to look like him; so, he goes to Mr. B’s drawing and sees that it is exactly the way he looked. Mr. B then says to David, “I am Mr. Y. You will call me Mr. B. And you can call me Mr. Y if you want.” And so, that’s how they work.

What kinds of puppets can I make?

There are endless kinds of puppets you can make. The main thing to remember is that the more puppets you have, the more complicated the puppets are. You may want to learn how puppets can be put together in a variety of different manners, but this may not be necessary.

Puppets can also be used for any kind of demonstrations. If you have a kid, maybe they don’t like to try to figure out how to tie their feet. They may want to make a puppet for them and put the puppet on a table with them and be able to tie their feet to that. Or, they may want to make a puppet on a pole at the end of the room. How do you decide what to teach them? The kind of work you want to do depends on the type of work you do.

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For an introduction to puppeting, you can start with our Beginner’s Guide to puppeteering.

How do I know what type of puppets I should make?

The first rule is to ask yourself these questions:

What kind of puppets are you making? For example, can

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