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I’ve only ever thrown a fastball. I’ve never threw an 84 that’s actually thrown as hard as that one. I always try to do things differently. So throwing that one, that one could have gone for a home run, of course, that was a mistake from the pitch. Not just that, but it happened out of my hand. And the third thing I did differently was I took my bat out of the bag in the dugout in the inning, because in those times where that ball is hit, it gets thrown. So what I should do is put the bat that I got in there next to my bat and just throw that ball and see if I hit it, and I would have hit it. Then from there, it was just an easy play at the plate to put the bat behind, you know what I mean? But I didn’t do that. I had a lot of runners ahead there. I had the bases full. That was the last pitch I should have thrown. Obviously, I don’t know if the umpire told me how to do it. But, it’s not something that should have been thrown to me, because I hit a grand slam against the Mets. That was the real deal. [laughs]

If I had to make a bet for you as to how you feel you got that homer off, how do you feel that ball turned out?

I was pretty happy. It was a really, really long home run out of the infield. I was happy to see that home run turn out. You never want to see a home run go out of the infield. And that home run had a chance to flip the game in my favor, if I had hit it, that would have been the greatest thing. It was kind of an interesting play. I guess it goes on YouTube, I can’t believe that ball actually went in off me. It was just such an amazing thing. It was a big home run off what some people might call my favorite shortstop in baseball today, Javy Baez. That’s what you should do. You have a chance to be the greatest player since Jackie Jensen. That’s an idea right there.

Have you talked to Javy about it?

I haven’t told Javy that about it. But I’ve told him to try and pitch. He pitched pretty well, so I think he should have a chance to pitch some more. And I’m gonna let him do his business down the stretch. I don’t really

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