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The way we were made, we were talking. A person must talk without moving his jaw. He must speak with his mouth. But the tongue was given to us as a part of the head – to open and to close your mouth when you speak. When you move your tongue, your mouth looks like a closed opening, but it is always a tongue that is moving. So this would make all sorts of noises with your mouth; it would make your smile, laugh, groan and so on, etc.

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We did not talk, we thought. We did not talk because we could talk. We only made words out of sounds.

Our brains were created by an unknown creature called the Creator, who made the mind, the tongue, the face and the lips, and we are just the parts he gave to us, the human mind. We were not made by the Creator; we were made by our Creator.

The Creator is still there, and he just wants us to talk. He is the Creator. Who is the true Creator? Who is the true God? The Creator. Who is the true God? The Creator. Who is the true Creator? Who is the true God? The God Who created everything.

How does the Creator think, why does he create?

For us, it is very clear: the Creator thinks, he says a lot of things, but we do not understand him all. But he is the Creator.

The Creation

1) He made us,

2) He created the world.

3) He created every animal.

It is obvious, if we just understand this, that there is a Creator. And this is what we, the Human Beings, are: the Creator.

Where there is a Creator there is also a beginning. There is the beginning. This is the beginning, the beginning, the beginning. The beginning of every kind of life. The beginning is the cause of everything happening.

The beginning of any kind of life, for instance, is one of the things that happen by nature. There is no beginning for the creation, for instance, of a tree by the God who makes living things. There is no beginning for the making of a person or a planet or any other kind of lifeform. They are all created by man.

[And you will understand] the origin of this God-given material, the origin of life, the origin of matter. All this is

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