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You must keep that jaw in the same position. Now, I will teach you how to speak the first time, but then move it for the rest of the lesson. This technique will be used all throughout the school, as I have taught it to you.”

Then he handed a little green ball to a little white boy. The boy ran over to his desk and grasped the ball, while the father said to his son, “Go take the ball, now, and put it in your mouth.” The boy did, and said, “Here, father, this is a ball from the city of Sibuthu. The boy told me which city that is.” The father smiled, and said, “Well, what is our boy’s name?” The boy told him, “The best scholar in the kingdom will be named Sichakarambu. He is an excellent scholar. The best in all of the kingdom. But he has not been good enough to get the scholarship, so he has not received the scholarship. He is also the greatest scribe in all of the kingdom. The greatest and the best.”

At that moment the king said to the father, “Have you the gift? I would like you to pass this token onto your son, and send him out to take the scholarship, but you must wait till I have received my gift.”

Then the son went to work in the hall.

The King saw him and said to him, “Go to the king and tell him to be patient with your son and to not allow him to become a scholar by force.”

The son went to the king and told him, “I have done nothing that is dishonorable. I am a good scholar. I have been in the kingdom of Sibuthu a long time. Now let me take this scholarship I promised to the king before, but with the stipulations set forth by the king before me. First do not allow my son to take this scholarship. He needs a few weeks to study the text, but otherwise he has nothing in his body but to sit at the table, at this table, and learn a little from me. And he has no right to take this scholarship.

After several days the son left for the kingdom of Sibuthu. His brother told the king that his brother had left for this king’s court. Thus the son had fulfilled the word of the king in his mind.

The son then stayed at a house of the king

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