How do you talk without moving your lips? – How To Speak Without Opening Your Mouth

Well, there’s a couple of options.

The “Sink or Swim” Option

This is the easiest way to speak. You have two simple words (i.e. “Hello”) to convey your meaning, but you can sink or swim to change from one thought. For example, if you think “good job!”, you can keep your lips to yourself as a “sinking (or swimming) into the “good” position” and then continue that thought, but when you use the other word, you can tell the listener that you are not saying it out loud; you are now doing it silently.

The “Shrug or Cough or Breath” Option

This way of speaking differs a bit from the “Sink or Swim” one. You actually have to say something other than “OK,” “thanks,” or any other single word. Instead, you can just shrugging or cough, and it makes you sound really relaxed. Again, you can say “hello” to yourself or to someone else, but only if it’s done “sinking into the ‘good’ position.”

The “Sinking in” Option

This doesn’t quite work, but it at least shows respect for other people, since you still want to be polite by using “sinking” instead of “talking” when you talk to yourself.

The “Sudden Stop” Option

This is the alternative to the “Sink or Swim” option. First, you try to be polite and try to keep your mouth to yourself. Then, as you speak, you let your mouth do the talking. That way, you can either speak to yourself (“I’m sorry,” “I was very sorry,” etc.) and have the listener do that, or try that option again (“No, I was sorry,” “Sorry,” “It’s all alright,” “It just wasn’t what I wanted to say,” etc.).

What did you like best about this episode?

I felt like the writers were doing a lot with a little. It was nice to know that, yes, I could still laugh while I was eating and eating. It was nice to know that I was still making the effort to look like a person who was about to go through the world in a way that was relatable and interesting.

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Oh gosh, this little scene. The fact that, while walking in the kitchen

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