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“She would have made them angry,” said a close friend of Ms. St. Clair’s recently.

It is an argument Ms. St. Clair herself will later contend is not only unfair but absurd. “We were not enemies, but we did not know each other or know of each other. We could not discuss one another in those days. The only thing we could discuss was work.”

The most powerful man in the history of the United States will be a president who, according to one source to the American public, “is already a dictator.” If that news doesn’t get you giddy enough, there is also a report that the first African-American president may be an openly racist, bigot who is the son of the President of The United States. Oh, wait, no — that’s not true.

A report from Gizmodo tells a real story about a little-known president whose life really is amazing. In fact, according to what they describe as “a source who does not use his real name,” Barack Obama may actually be “the one you’ve been waiting for.” We know this because they said so.

According to Gizmodo (who had first heard the report from a news outlet that was based in Mexico), the story goes like this. As you may know, the current US president’s father was a slave owner, so the president’s first name was probably derived from the slave owner’s middle name, which is “Barack Hussein Obama.”

The president of the United States is also the oldest living president (though he’s definitely not the president of the most populous state). However, the president hasn’t been a member of the US government since 2008. According to Gizmodo’s source, a few years back, President Obama decided to pay a visit to Africa to meet with the presidents of the respective nations there.

The source notes that while the president has traveled around the world, he did not go to Africa, which prompted some curiosity. If this is true, it would seem like the US leader should know one thing you’d never tell a black person: that he was born in Kenya, that his family was from the black community of Chicago, that he grew up in the suburbs of the same town that Barack Hussein Obama is now from, and that he spent time with members of his own race.

There is no evidence for the existence of this “source who does not use his real name” who claims that Obama was

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