How do you talk in your stomach?

I’ve heard people do this…

You’re a scientist working in a laboratory of death.

In order to continue with research, I must work in solitude.

I have a very strange feeling.

I was looking for the answer to the problem of death.

I have come to realize that what I am hearing in my stomach is the voice of my brother who went mad.

I don’t feel anything.

And as for the mysterious voices:

Those are my friends, I’m a human being…

I don’t feel anything.

(And finally: “It’s not really the right answer, but at least there’s something at least” and “I don’t feel anything… but I think I must.”)

As such, I want everyone to understand that it really is the most right answer of science.

And so, in conclusion, the meaning of death –

Death is an act that makes one suffer in anguish. It is the most painful of the deaths for all humans.

You may use this question for research purposes.

However, this answer is only meant for people who are looking for the meaning of death.

And now my family and friends…

[I’ll go and see that man about our missing brother, but first, I’ll give you one more message:]

Don’t feel anything.

The other day when I came back from work with a headache, my son came into the study room.

He had a very serious look in his eyes…

He had two broken teeth that he had to fill up with blood…

I was so surprised that I looked up through the window and saw him breathing, but as his eyes were looking directly into me, his mouth wasn’t moving at all.

His breathing was like the first breath I had taken.

How old was he then?

If I were to say to you, is he young or old?

I guess he’s a child… and yet, I could never see him with my own eyes.

What a strange phenomenon is that.

For example, at the time when he was born, he wasn’t only black but he had no hair! Why do they all have hair so young?

Of course, he isn’t really in the picture, but his mother used to look up from her reading to say:

“This young boy just