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You’re not going to go out for dinner.

What do you like to make for dinner?

I don’t like any meals.

You’ve eaten a lot in the last thirty minutes. You’re so excited.

It is not common for women to have a child outside the family, and for most of us, that process isn’t exactly a happy one. Children are an extra burden for parents. They can’t help the household expenses. But what happens when those extra expenses get a little out of hand? What happens when the child becomes an added expense? That’s what’s going to happen to a mother in South Africa who, according to new court reports, was charged $14,000 for a three month old baby that she never carried.

Mariya and Mariama were born in the same hospital in Johannesburg, and were admitted at the same time, in October, to receive treatment for a preterm birth. As such, Mariama and Mariah could have been kept at the same hospital where the newborns were being treated for as long as possible. The birth had a scheduled discharge date, and was scheduled for a normal night. Unfortunately, the doctors didn’t follow their own protocol to transfer Mariah in the delivery room, and as a result had to let Mariya out early.

As the doctors were putting Mariah into her stroller, one of them walked by a bathroom window and saw Mariah in the waiting room, having a seizure. It’s possible that Mariah had lost consciousness due to the seizure, but in reality Mariya could have been awake all night and still been in the waiting room at the proper time. Even though there are more doctors than nurses at the hospital, it’s still unclear whether Mariya’s head was still conscious when she was first seen by a doctor at 7:10AM in the morning. But because the case involves a preterm birth and is preformant dependent, the prosecution argues, it’s more probable that Mariya would have been conscious at that point in time.

When the baby continued to have seizures, the doctors transferred the newborn to another room so she could be more closely monitored, but again the doctors did not follow their own protocol. By the time Mariya finally did begin breathing and moving, the baby was in the ambulance for an hour, and by the time she made it to the hospital, the baby had been pronounced dead.

The baby’s death has been ruled a homicide

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