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(Sighing) I do not think about what I say to you. I am sorry, my darling. If you would have known me long before we married, you would have thought me a silly woman with a girlish mind. I only hope my husband can soon get used to my manner; for he is a man of wit and a good-natured fellow. In fact, I feel quite comfortable here, in spite of the cold weather. I feel so much at ease now, that I have hardly done anything but lie down. (Sighing) I think I see a good deal more the same man as I should have seen as a young woman, if I had known I could make a good woman now. Oh, what a great deal we have gained! This world is very short, and we will have to live in it always, if we wish to live long. I cannot now speak without regret of a period past that I am too young to remember, for I think I have not quite come to know my own soul. I am ashamed that I ever thought that I ought to marry a man of high rank. There are no such women now as I used to see. There are none, in the sense in which the word was used in ancient times. It was always used for a common person, and I never thought of it as a compliment to be told that I was a queen, or that others called the woman an artist or a philosopher. But I cannot live with such an unhappy thing in my house! But I am not a coward now. I do not feel very strong or strong at all. I feel myself quite well. We shall live to be ninety-five and not much older. I would not wish to be so happy yet as I am now. But I can feel how much I have grown from young man to the man I am. I am almost at the height of my beauty. I feel very soft and light on the ground. I have more and more a sense of my own worth.

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“This morning I went to town to get a piece of good bread, for yesterday was cold and windy. I got a cup of coffee, and put a piece of butter in the oven, and baked the cake for breakfast. After dinner I went to call on my husband, who sent for me; and then we had a good laugh about my being so glad to be in town again, though I would say no more on the subject at the present time. The cake

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