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M, like H, stands for Musical; and T stands for Temporal, a kind of time, the time after one thinks a musical idea. Like the letters T and M, D stands for the temporal element.

Do you remember anything else about the history of music? It was really a big deal for us to see that there was such a thing as the composer’s score. That was what was making all the difference.

Did you know that when you created Thelonious Monk’s score from the first two songs, you had to do three new “Songs in B Major”, “Songs in E Major”, and “Songs in D Minor”?

They hadn’t come out yet. The song “E” we composed first, the song “A” we composed the second.

“E” is in the middle of my score for “The Way I Will Go”, the last song I ever wrote.

That’s a pretty huge break. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

A former senior aide to Donald Trump who helped oversee the campaign’s Russian connections is going public with accusations that he was a key player in a $50 million investment by a secretive Russian government-related Russian developer with close ties to President Vladimir Putin, according to people familiar with the situation.

“I was a key player” in the Trump project “in almost every way, shape or form” over the past decade, said Felix Sater, the former Russia-born developer who has worked at the Trump Organization since the 1980s. The company, developer Don Jr. is accused of setting up the meeting with prostitutes that led to Donald Trump Jr.’s promise in a 2016 email, “I love it.”

Sater’s allegations represent an unusually direct escalation in a long-running controversy over the Trump Organization’s involvement in Russian business and politics — but they come more than a year after lawyers for Trump Jr., Kushner, and the Trump campaign said that none of the people present at the meeting had any dealings with Russian banks or companies tied to the Kremlin. The meeting was attended by a lawyer from the Trump Organization and, it is alleged, Jared Kushner.

The lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, said during an appearance earlier this year before the House Intelligence Committee that she had links to Russian officials and that she lobbied against the Magnitsky Act when she was working with her own lawyer to lobby the State Department to repeal it. The U.S

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