How do you say the letter B in ventriloquism?

“B” in other words. In this case “b” was added to the sound of each letter as there were three different pronunciations (like the letter “E” for “eat” and one for “awe”). It’s hard to imagine a different consonant being written with just these same three different pronunciations.

When did the word “mister” or “madam” come into use as a verb?

According to this Google Scholar search:

When did the word “mister” or “madam” come into use as a verb ? From about 1820

When did the word “mister” or “madam” come into use as a noun ? From about 1840

The origins of the word “fame”

The word “fame” appears to have come from the word “fame” that was added to the words “fear, glory, honor.” There’s a small hint that the words were originally used to refer to someone’s fame rather than honor. The word “fame” also has a meaning that “measure the greatness of a person by their achievements.” But that doesn’t mean they were originally combined in that way.

When did the word “fame” or “mister” first appear in the language?

The earliest appearance is the Oxford English Dictionary, which lists the “fame” as having been introduced in the 1380s; the “mister” is found in the 1802 edition of Oxford’s dictionaries.

When did the word be used to mean “someone who goes away because of something bad” or “someone who is in a hurry”?
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It’s not clear when the word was first used. But it seems that it’s probably the same one to use for “someone who gets in trouble because of someone else’s bad behavior.”

What made the word “loyal” first used in the English language as a synonym for “foolish”?

This was a curious spelling, as this is the only spelling of it that is known to come from the British language. The word was in use in English, and was also in use in other European languages. But it was never used on this island.

Did the English language invent the word “sophisticated”?

This is a bit of a stretch. The earliest known instance of the word “sophisticated” (which is what the spelling “s