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How do you say, “p” with a double stop?

And what is something like, “pussywhipped me”? I’m not sure it has a name. I’m not a scientist. I might know the answer, maybe. It’s a thing you sometimes do in certain forms of sexual humor, and it makes you sound a little more naughty, right? If it comes out of a mouth as a sound, that’s something I think I’ve seen some folks talk about – “puckerfucking” [I don’t mean the kind you would usually say, just the ‘k’ sound]. It’s kind of a vulgar, naughty thing to say. I’m certainly not the only one who’s seen it. I’m sure there’s people on the other side of this planet saying it. It’s a common little gag that has gotten people into some interesting legal troubles.

Are people afraid of using a double-stop in a word? I don’t think so. I would think that if a word started sounding like two or three syllables, some people are going to freak out and start having trouble saying it. The idea, with both words, is to keep it interesting so people can learn to pronounce the sound as they think it sounds. If I were you, maybe I would have more trouble with that. Just because I wouldn’t want to use a double-stop doesn’t mean I would be ashamed of it. I’m glad others are having fun making it. I think it’s a lot of fun.

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So you’re not sure it can be spelled either pecker or puckerfucking.

Not in the sense the dictionary suggests. But, you know, it was once spelled pecker for a long time, and a pecker could have been a word, a word could have come out that way. You know how it could have come out, but no one ever pronounced pecker or pucker fucking for a long time.

Does your daughter love it? Or did everybody just keep on saying it that long?

She absolutely loves it. All my students love it. I can’t say why. And I mean it, too. You know, she can do things with the sound, that she doesn’t mean it as something that she does. I don’t know.
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When should you use the double-stop?

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