How do you say B in ventriloquism?

Well, you try saying the words: ‘B’ B, B B, B B, B B,’ and see how bad the ‘C’ sound is. You can see it in the video. It’s horrible, that’s bad, you see it in the video. It’s awful. It’s awful.

I mean, it’s not good.

It’s not good. It’s not good.

Oh yeah, I know. I know.

It’s pretty much the worst, right? All you really hear, it’s a word that is terrible. The good thing is that, if you say B B, B B, B B, you have something that you can say to people that you know, and the best thing for people to do is just not say ‘B’ B. You know, a lot of people use ‘B’ or ‘B’ B for ‘B’, and it’s better. You know, it’s not the b-word. It’s not bad. It has a different sound. People can hear that. I don’t think people who don’t want to do it, you know, they think it’s just a weird sound.

I don’t say ‘B’ B. I’m not a fan of it. It just doesn’t feel right to me, ‘B’ B, B B, B B. It just doesn’t, for me.

But it’s not bad?


OK, so, now just a few more questions for you.

Do you think you might one day be a teacher?

Yeah, if I had the time, I guess. We’ll have to see. I mean, I was a little kid, but I’m a teacher now, I’ll be a teacher. Just like my dad was a teacher.

And what would those roles be?

Maybe that.

That’s a good role.


OK, good questions, guys. Bye.

Image caption The team have done “quite good” with their equipment, the engineer says

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The technology, developed by a team of three researchers at China Railway Corp (CRC), is said to be the best in the world.

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