How do you say B in ventriloquism? – Ventriloquist School Nyc

A: Bé?

(Audience laughter)

Q: Mr. President, would you like another question?

A: Do you believe God speaks?

Q: Would you like another question?

A: I do!

Q: Mr. President, about a certain topic…

A: That is enough!

Q: Mr. President, about a certain topic…

A: Do you believe in God?


Q: And to those…

A: Do you believe in God?

Q: And to the question to which you have just related, I believe that the answer is, “Yes.”


Q: Mr. President, could you tell us something more about the problem of violence in Iraq? Are you worried about Iraqi children being murdered?

A: Mr. President, I have two questions: (Applause )

Q: Would you tell us about the children…

A: The Iraqi children?

Q: The Iraqi children you just alluded to?

A: I had earlier mentioned the two problems of violence in Iraq. One is with civilians being attacked by members of the Iraqi military force. The same thing can be said about the civilian population being harassed by Iraqi military units.


Q: And the second problem, which is not that important…

A: Mr. President…


Q: … you mentioned, about the children being killed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Would you like to say something more?

A: This is the first time that I have made it clear that the death of children in Iraq is a direct result of U.S. weapons of mass destruction, which were found in Iraq by the Iraqi government.


Q: Thank you. Would you tell us something more about your policy on arms control? How much is there to do regarding Iraq? How much?

A: At this point, I can only tell you that we are very, very strong on controlling weapons of mass destruction, particularly with respect to chemical weapons. We are making progress on the second, third, and fourth items; and we are making very good progress with respect to ballistic missiles. We are continuing to increase pressure on Iran, which has refused to make a

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