How do you move your mouth when talking? – Talking With Mouth Closed Is Called

What’s the point of doing facial movements to look at a person in a way that doesn’t feel awkward?

What if you get your tongue caught in your cheek or in your mouth and you suddenly can’t turn your head? How do you move yourself around?

How do you speak in the morning or after an early train or bus? What are the first words that come to your lips?

Why do you feel like you’re talking in your voice all the time?

How does your language work? Why? Are there times when you have difficulty communicating? For example:

What has it been like for you to speak in your native language on a train, bus or train to work?

What difficulties have you had to overcome to learn your mother tongue? Are there still challenges?

How often do you speak your language?

I do want to stress that these are not my opinions or what I would’ve liked to have written, or what I think these questions should be asked of you. It’s just to get you thinking so that you are not too lost in your own experiences and language learning goals. Hopefully you will be able to use these to give yourself and others a better understanding of how language works (and doesn’t work).

What do you enjoy most about learning Spanish?

Are there other languages that you speak?

Have you ever tried to speak another language? If so, which one? If not, have you heard the benefits?

Where was your first language learning experience? If you do not remember where, why not tell me about it and I will tell you about it?

What do you think are the keys to language learning success?

Thanks for reading!

About the author:

Raul Sarmiento is the owner and operator of FluentU, a simple website that tracks your speech – a lot like an audiobook that’s stored in your memory. This site is one of the world’s most popular and free online speech recognition software applications. As a Spanish learner, he is very glad to help people from all over the world to speak Spanish and gain the necessary vocabulary and grammar to speak and write it better. This is what motivated him to create FluentU: to help everyone with any language through interactive web applications that can be freely downloaded to your smartphone or computer system.

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