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The tongue travels very quickly through the air. When you open your mouth for air, it moves fast relative to that speed of tongue movement, which is why people who speak in very slow motions say words too quickly; they open their mouths too quickly. A sentence can sound like a sentence if people can move their lips and tongues with just the tongue moving.

The language of the mind is very different from the language of the mouth. It has no tongue movements, no air movement. It is not like a human mouth. It is very fluid.

How did you develop the language?

The tongue is like the headpiece of a headband. When you speak, it helps you to keep the head in the correct positions so you can get through the speech quickly. In the ancient Greece, Plato wrote in his dialogues Dialogues, that the tongue is like a large, round, round, round body and that all the parts of the mouth are like tongues. That’s why you have the sounds of tongue movement: when you swallow and when you talk.

There has been an enormous amount of research on language. There are very good theories of how language works. Some have been disproven before, and one of them is called “the doctrine of the natural law, according to which the brain develops a language and this language is the result of the development of all sensory organs, which are in turn the development of the whole of the brain.” The whole idea of natural law is that we have the function of forming a language that is not artificial.

What’s more, the great philosophers and scientists, Plato and Aristotle, both came from very humble backgrounds. They were both illiterate and poor. They had a limited vocabulary, because they could not read and write. They said to themselves, “If we take away a few simple rules that the lower animal has to learn, the whole brain can work more quickly, with a higher level of sophistication.”

So, in addition to the development of the tongue, the brain also has a development of more complex language. The development of a language is a very complex process that requires a lot of effort and time, and it takes a lot of energy. How long does it take for a person’s brain to form a language?

People who do not have a language of their own often say that language develops over a person’s lifetime — it is like a biological development. However, it takes a human lifespan to form a language. The average

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