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How does it affect the timing of what people are saying around you? The science behind it is a little out there, but it appears to be due to the brain’s need to process the context of your words.


We just need to talk and we talk, and we do it so rapidly so we don’t have time to wait. There’s a brain-scanning method that tells, basically, what’s been happening in people’s brains since childhood. Our brain has to process as rapidly as possible what it should be telling us, so the fact that we can talk is pretty cool. I don’t know whether it can explain the human communication mechanism — is there something about how our language works, or something about language itself, that makes us better communicators? It’s quite hard to answer the question. I mean, it makes us different.

AVC: You’ve said before you don’t think that speech is really like a video. Is it a different medium?

LB: [Laughs] No, there’s no video difference between speech and video. Speech is actually very much like a video file, although some of the characteristics of video files are different from speech. I don’t really want to talk about the differences. Speech is actually more like a film, and video files are more like still photos. Whereas video files are moving images, and still photos are still images. Video files are more like audio, whereas still photos are more like a photograph.

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AVC: The last few years have been exciting for a variety of reasons. The last time we talked, you said that you were really interested in making sure your music would inspire kids.

LB: Yes! I think people need to realize, at some point, that they’ve created things that they love. That’s just the way it is. It’s been incredibly difficult to try and make sure that all the ideas that I can think of, that I can say to people, I think it’s awesome that that’s not a bad thing and it’s good. That’s one of the challenges of working on music in general, as opposed to making movies. We’re dealing with real physical objects and real human beings. In movies, you have your fantasy world. The human world is a world where the good things happen and the bad things don’t happen. That doesn’t happen in real life.

AVC: It wasn’t a challenge at first. With all the music you’ve worked on,

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