How do you make easy puppets at home?

I’ve been trying to find a good easy-to-follow tutorial and there are many online tutorials. I do make a few at home, but I am still new to this and I am learning new tricks for my project. In this video we made the eyes move by hand and then cut them. If you are not familiar with the basics of hand tooling, I would suggest starting somewhere on the lower or the lower end of the scale.

What will happen if the light goes out?

The light can go out in three stages, if the wire gets hot enough and the power draw gets too high. When I first started making my puppets I was using very old incandescent lights that burned the wire. When the wire would get too hot it would start melting, and when I did the final cut on the wires and the eyes, I was shocked to realize that the incandescent lights were not all that efficient. The wire we will make now uses incandescent light bulbs. It’s much more efficient than the old incandescent types and also less expensive.

How are you gonna keep your eyes warm?

It will come down to the ability of the wire to stay cool. If you have a power outlet near by you should find a power strip with a thermostat. You can use this to turn your lights on or off from a power strip that is located in a hallway or room away from the outlet. Your eyes should not be out of their sockets for too long.
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You can make lots of puppets at once by just making one eye or an eye for the other puppet. Once your eyes are warmed you can move onto working on the other eye. Keep in mind you only need to make two eyes for each puppet, so you can put one eye in the middle of three faces or another for one face. I usually do about 1 eye for each puppet or 2 eyes combined.

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