How do you make easy puppets at home? – Maher Ventriloquist Course

I’ve found a video that goes into some details on this, but lets have a look at it.

(I’ve taken the time to link to it by the way)

What I learned from it

Puppets are a useful tool in any animation studio. What I learnt, from this video, is what makes a puppet more realistic. By watching this video, you’re going to start to make puppet faces, because puppets are a lot easier to work with than real faces.

What this video did for me was allow me to start with faces that I could make pretty easily. I didn’t even need any drawings, just drawing on paper.

I still have a lot of trouble with face-moving, but I now have a bit of a template and feel pretty confident about this.

To make faces and other motion for a puppet, I use the “bump” technique, which I don’t even really use in this tutorial. You can find more detailed tutorials on how to make the animation look the way you want in the links.

What Next?

This is just an introduction to an easy technique I found, and one I wish I’d learned more about.

You should also be aware that with any tool, it is worth learning how to use it. With most tools, it’s good to understand at what speed you can use the tool, and at what speed it won’t help you. If you are using a tool for too long the benefit of the tool might disappear, so make sure to take time to learn how to use it.

If you need a new tool, try the Google Translator

If you need a tip (anything at all!) on animation, feel free to post a comment in the comment field below.

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