How do you make easy puppets at home? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Fast People Find

All we need is materials I have around the home such as paper towels, plastic cups and a white towel. My husband made 2 puppets for a birthday parties and he says that he is really proud about them. But my kids can go into any room in the house, or even just a bathroom and do a good job.

You can download the template or the full instructions here.

What is the hardest part about making puppets?

For my first few puppets I kept changing the position of the hands, especially the left and right one, because I wasn’t able to find any paper towels or plastic cups that I could use. You can download template 1 here, and you can download the full instructions here.

Where can I order the puppets?

We are a very large order for them so we will be getting them here very soon. You can buy the puppets here.

What color should they be made in?

I didn’t plan on making each puppet very simple. They can be as dark as black, or the color of your choice. You can download the color choices here.

What is the largest size you can easily make with your puppets?

For the larger size puppets, you will need at least 6-9 puppets.

What is the best way to get a really good feeling for making the puppets?

Try it out for 5 minutes at first. Don’t worry about the color. Don’t worry about the size, just go at it. You will find out if you should try doing them in your house by seeing how they feel for a day or two.

How many puppets do you need?

We made a 6-7 puppets for our party and they were all well received as well the kids love them. I would recommend that you do 1 puppet a night, it was pretty fun.

I have an older child, what can I do to train them to create puppets quickly?

You will have to find a parent who has kids that are good with children and kids that have a good idea. You can try making a few puppet demos at first, one on one with them and then you can gradually make them bigger. Once they get an idea and they get used to it, they will begin to make more and bigger puppets. Try to show them how to make them, and show them what they can do and they will be eager to

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