How do you make a ventriloquist puppet out of a stuffed animal? – What Is Ventriloquism

I like to leave the top of the puppet in place, and just stick the stuffed animal into the ventriloquist puppet in the front of the puppet so that it’s just a hole in the top and the sides. Then I pull the stuffing through the holes so it goes through the puppet and then I just stuff. I don’t have to put an extra piece of stuffing in the back and the sides. It makes a huge difference.

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When I had a friend who was having trouble with her baby crying because the baby was so big, I put baby stuffing in the ventriloquist Puppet and so it doesn’t move anymore, but the baby doesn’t cry. You don’t have to have a big baby to have a good ventriloquist puppet. A lot of parents want to use stuff to hold their babies’ heads up, and just stuff all the way around the baby. But we have this little guy that’s about 3 or 4 months old who is really small as far as stuffed animals go, and he is still a little stiff and isn’t able to hold his head up. But if you just give him a good little piece of paper and stuff it in his back and chest, and then you pull that stuff apart and he can have the head up, he can hold his head up and cry, and his heart will be beating. It’s just different.

Have you ever seen a ventriloquist puppet where someone had tried to use something in his back and chest to hold it up?

I’ve seen it. I saw one a long time ago. But the fact of the matter with this is that when you’re using these things, you have to have them out of the box.

And you have to put them away at least 24 hours before you put them inside the box, correct?

Yes. I actually don’t think it is necessary to put them away at all. If it’s for an educational purpose, I think you can leave it out in the room until you get a little bit of a feel for how he will react to it and then just take it out and put it out again or put back in. I don’t think it’s necessary. But I guess if you’re just doing this for the fun and you are not teaching kids to do this, you can certainly get away with just keeping him out in the room until you feel comfortable and then you can put him out in the room and then see what happens. And it’s just so

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