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Virtues were one-of-a-kind, the otherworldly magic of the people who spoke their truths to the world. Virtues are like a force of nature whose source is beyond human comprehension or understanding. As a person, Virtues is a part of you, you can always tell something is about to happen. What is a virtue?

If the player is a Virtuous Human, the Virtues and Virtues-like things they do and see in the future can be used as spells.

Example Virtues include Courage, Knowledge, Laughter (Vows), Honor, and Vengeance (Visions).

Example Virtues can be found when playing as a Good Virtuous Human (see Table 2-10).

Examples of actions that are called virtuous and would likely make a human in the future want to become a Virtuous Human (in addition to all other Virtues they would want to be proud of), include: giving gifts to family and friends, using kindness and friendly words, giving water to the homeless and other victims of floods, going to war to help defend and maintain family, saving the environment through recycling, volunteering, doing good deeds for the betterment of society, and so on.

In some cases, Virtues are more complex than this, for example, some Virtues are based on a person having more than one virtue at the same time. For example, a Virtuous human who is also a Clerical Virtuous Human and Good Virtuous Human could have different Virtues, yet be morally motivated to do the same virtuous thing, or vice versa (see the Moral Action table of Table 2-10).

For a more detailed explanation on Virtues, see the Virtues, Virtue, and Virtue-like Powers and Virtues table, which can be used as a guide for understanding certain types of things. Also see the Virtues article of the Comprehensive System.

Table 2-10: Virtues

Virtue Powers 1. Be generous. 2. Make others want to help others. 3. Make someone else’s actions honorable. 4. Honor life in a practical manner. 5. Help people feel good. 6. Help others to do good deeds and to feel good about themselves 6. Be kind, caring. 7. Give to the less fortunate. 8. Help others do good deeds and feel good about themselves 8. Be kind, caring, ethical. 9. Give to the less fortunate, compassionate. 10. Be

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