How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds

What exactly is ‘dummy’ and how it fits into the process? This episode I take a look at it while learning about how to make the first ever dummy.

The main difference between a sock puppet and a mouth puppet is that a sock puppet mouth can be filled with air but a mouth puppet cannot. In fact, you can not make a mouth puppet because once the air is filled it has become impossible to inflate again until the next sock puppet is filled.

I have also been inspired by these amazing sock puppets and socks I’ve been asked to put on all their friends because of this blog post. Thanks for supporting the amazing sock puppets that they are.

Thanks again to my friends and sock puppet makers around the world.


The government shutdown over the defunding of Planned Parenthood is only one of many threats to the health care of Americans, including government spending cuts, high medical prices caused by prescription drugs and a lack of competition.

The new CDC survey finds that the economy, national security, infrastructure and the environment all rank among the top issues to deal with during the upcoming fiscal cliff talks in Washington.

Among the health care, defense and infrastructure questions in the survey, Americans say spending on health care and defense is the most important to address, even though the sequester caps spending on defense and on Medicare on a two-year cycle.


The poll found that just 35 percent named healthcare as the “most important issue” at a time when healthcare is projected to be the largest category cut next year in the federal budget. Forty-seven percent identified defense as the number one issue on the list.

A majority of respondents identified spending on national security as the second most important issue for solving the issue, just behind health care at 35 percent. Just 15 percent of Americans said they would prefer spending more on national security, but that share dropped to 15 percent when the issue of healthcare was included.

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Healthcare is one area in which national security may be a greater national priority than health care issues, despite the fact that spending on national security has been the highest-spending federal category for the budget cycle. Total spending for all government programs was $2.2 trillion last year, up from $1.9 trillion the year before, according to the most recent budget data.

Still, it is the number two priority for the public, and this finding comes as President Obama is pushing for deficit reduction in the coming fiscal year. The federal

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