How do you make a puppet?

It’s not exactly a puppet, but you can make a puppet like a real puppet. You can use your puppet’s DNA to grow new ones and to control them. When you’re done, it’s all organic.

If a group of people are working on robots with you, do these machines look just like real robots, or do they look something entirely new?

In the case of robots with organic parts, we can tell. Robots with organic parts look more sophisticated, not robotic. The robot you see now [wasn’t] robotic; it was a robot like a human being. It looked much more complex – like it contained organic components.

There’s a different word for the parts of a robot that are not controlled: artificial intelligence. When those parts aren’t artificial in a sense, we’re talking about something quite different.

Do you need to be concerned about this?

There are robots that are not humanoids, by any definition. We have robots that look like you and me, like a human. We have robots that look like we’re in a game. There are robots that look like we’re really stupid, and even we can recognise it. We have the artificial intelligence that’s the robot inside us.

Does it differ between humanoids and robots?

No. It’s the same humanoid – the same parts. This makes a big difference; it’s the same brain.

Can machines learn the language of their creators and do so with language that’s artificial?

The language of an artificial being may not be artificial in the sense that it is intelligent, but it’s based on artificial language; it’s based on artificial grammar.

So what about artificial humans?

No, artificial humans, if they are capable, will be like the same kind of artificial intelligence you and I are. They’ll not be artificial or artificial intelligence. They’ll not contain parts from different robots. They’ll have certain parts from many robots. We’ve already seen some of them. Artificial human parts can be replaced with other parts. If we can do that with robots, you could have human-like robots.

Are robots becoming smarter as we get more intelligent, or is it more subtle?

There is no direct evidence that it’s becoming more complex, more intelligent. It may be more subtle.

There are robots that are intelligent and artificial beings, with synthetic parts. But it’s interesting. If you want to build a