How do you make a puppet? – Ventriloquist Mouth Position

What’s with the black? And the white?

Did you try to talk to her, sir? What do you want to talk to her about?

Did you ask her how to kill a man?

Oh man, I forgot the whole question.

You just wanted to know how they do it.

Well, she had a gun.


What’s in a name?

You do what you want.

No, you talk to me! You’re going to talk.

Well, how is that going to work?

Did you ask her? What’s the plan?

How am I going to get her to talk? You know how to kill a man.

I don’t know.

Why don’t you call the police?

You know why they got guns?

I don’t know.

How do you kill a man

Well, they do it with guns.

Do you know how they do it?

No sir.

Well, you do it with guns.

No, I don’t know how they do it.

Did you listen to my story last night? Did you think I made it up?

Did you want to hear my story?

Well why did they have to kill you? Because you look so much like one of them cops.

What’s the problem? What’s the problem?

I’m not like them.

Why will you never tell me where the real cop went?

Because I’m not that like you.

Look at me.

Look at me, man. I’m not like those people.

Listen! Look, don’t you do the little dance?

And then what? Oh, wait, look what I do.

How many guns, man?

Why? That’s simple — you’re going to do it with guns.

No, I’m not going to do it with guns.

How much do you weigh?

Just give me a minute, I’m a busy man.

How long you gonna do?

I don’t know.

Listen, you better not be a crook, man.

Don’t you think everybody do something? All these boys, they always do it?

Yeah, they always do it.

And you

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