How do you make a puppet? – How Does A Ventriloquist Throw His Voice

A robot? A robot with arms, feet, legs – we’re still talking about the head.

There were quite a number of different ways you could make it, from what was possible on a PC, to things you’d only build on a cheap toy. So I started to look at using some of those techniques – or rather the techniques that had been done up until that point.

Image caption The team of engineers from the University of Leicester had to use ‘slicing’ robots to get the robot up and running

One of them was ‘Slicing Robots’ which was originally started by the University of Leicester’s computer science student, David A. Macmillan. And he’s written a great book called Robots, which you can order from Amazon.

And this is, essentially, this is a method of creating a robot that has the limbs and the head that we know – and I will say that’s the real advantage in the end: if you can slice a robot, so it’s no longer a walking machine – you could make it really fast and strong – and then we just have to worry about the other things, like the weight and all the weight that is involved in running around in a humanoid.

It used to be the case that the humanoid body was a huge expense and it really, really had to be designed around that body structure – but there are many other ways to approach it.

The technology of making a robot like that using cutting robots is not yet great – it’s a very slow process. So how do you go through all those stages and get it running and walking?
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One of the things is that we are still using very crude forms of motion control. A lot of people who’ve been working on robots say you do need motion control to build them well – because you’re building the body around the sensors.

You need to understand the physics of what it’s doing to get it to sit down, for instance, and how the limbs move in relation to each other.

And we’re very much in a time where people are starting to look at this a bit more carefully, and look at where the motion control actually comes from.

And so that’s why I think they’ve realised that one of the key things when the time comes for you to design it in a more sophisticated way – you have to think from a different angle and try to analyse the design from the perspective of the body and the sensors, but really analyse it

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