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It’s a pretty difficult process. The most simple is to take a small rubber band, put a small amount of glue on the rubber band and just stick that to the top of the head. Then you have to find a shape that really holds up to the shape you want. In the example of the puppet, I decided I wanted the face to be a little round and to be a bit more cartoon. I wanted an orange face.

How do you make a puppet face?

It’s a very frustrating process—really, it is. It’s very repetitive in a very frustrating way. It’s like painting. The trick isn’t really to paint, it’s just to paint.

How do you do the puppet’s mouth at the back of the head?

I put a little piece of tape on one side of the head and with the masking tape on the other end, just to cover up a little piece, to give the masking tape the illusion it’s a mask. The tape that’s on the back helps the eyes look up and out, so the tape that’s on the tape that covers up the eyes creates a little more freedom and freedom for the hands.

What does the puppeteer do to move the head?

He’s really a puppet artist because he has almost complete control. He’s in control of the position of the legs, the length of the arms and he has all the movement characteristics of the puppet.

What does the performer look like?

You know how we said they are all puppeteers? Well, we’re not exaggerating. He actually is a very puppet-like human. There are times when he goes through motions like, “Hold on a second,” “No, hold on,” and all of a sudden he’s moving from side to side. It’s a very complex motion.

Where does a puppet come from?

The puppeteer starts out with a character, but what happens is they get a lot of ideas as to which of the characters they want to play with and then they see what they can do with the character. I’d say this is a very big advantage; you do have lots from all the characters. You don’t always have to be a puppeteer, you know?

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