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You’re probably familiar with the concept of dummy data and the concept of having a dummy (a dummy that’s not an actual person but has no name or address). The idea is that you tell Google that you already know your name, address, phone number, email and the things like that — and your dummy should just be a blank check box. So Google will generate a dummy email address for you and provide you with a contact number, a username and then you just hit submit.
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A dummy address is really all that’s needed to complete this exercise. A dummy address is just a dummy (or blank) check box with a placeholder for your username.

Now for the trickiest part of making the dummy: Google doesn’t generate a random dummy address. They just generate it once and pass it out. The rest comes from the dummy address — your username plus your email address/phone number. But now if you go to your Google Account Settings menu and go to “More Accounts,” you’ll see all your dummy addresses you’ve added (and you’ll be able to edit any of those).

To use a dummy, you just need to pick your username and email address and then click on a contact to add one, or simply click Edit on the contact to add a dummy.

Here’s an example of a dummy address I was able to pick based on my Google Account: [email protected]

Now there is not a single, specific reason why you should pick such a specific address. It could be because you think someone is visiting their Google Account from a phone number you gave them when creating that account or because you think someone is visiting the address from a phone number you used to create that account. It’s just a dummy account.

This is a fun exercise and you should try it out right away. Just to be sure, I checked by typing my username into Google and found my address was automatically generated.

So there’s that. Here you go:

1. Create a User

Go to accounts

Search for your account

Give your username a name

Search for an address

Give your address a name

2. Create a Contact

Go to your email address or phone number

Add your address at the top

3. Type the dummy

Hit Enter

Go to your account settings.

Under the Contact section just click Edit

4. Fill in your dummy.

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