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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a dummy, or dummy with a body, inside a React component.

If you have an older version of React that doesn’t use JSX for data binding, then make a dummy using JSX:

import React from ‘react’ ; const dummy = new React . Component ( { … props , data } );

React’s default data binding is using jsx because that’s the language that you’re familiar with. If you’re familiar with the language of your choice (C#, VB, Python, …), you can set data in jsx like this:

import { DummyData } from ‘react/data-dummy’ ;

You can then use this data in your React component as you would use any other data in React.

Note: If you are not using React, but looking for ways to add custom data binding, we recommend this talk by Brandon Biederman.

If you do not wish to manually set data in your React component (and there’s a big chance that you do not), the only option is to write your own dummy:

import React from ‘react’ ; import dummy from ‘./dummy’ ; import app from ‘app.react’ ; import { render } from ‘react-dom’ ; const component = { … props , data } var dummy = new React . Component ( { … props , data } ); render ( component , ‘Hello World!’ )

See the following examples:

In both of these tutorials you will be setting the data in your dummy before you actually use it in the component.

Setting the prop prop as a component property

We’ll set the prop prop for the component in the render method.

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This example shows how the render method works in React:

import React from ‘react’ ; import { Component } from ‘react-dom’ ; class App extends Component { rendered = ( props ) => < div > { props . prop } < /div>; } export default class App extends Component { rendered = ( props ) => < div > { props . prop } < /div>; } App . prototype . render = ( props ) => { const { model , props } = this . props ; return render ( < App / > , model ); };

If you’re not using React, you can find the corresponding method inside each component:

If the data-

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