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You may have already seen some of the methods you may have used at a very young age. You may not have considered the effects of a very young age or the consequences. We know it can have disastrous results and we have worked hard to educate you on the dangers to yourself and to those around you!

With a little help from us, you will soon see just how difficult this may be and that is why we have developed the “Dummy Training Course” to help you master the basics of dummy and also the dangers that can arise. In addition to this there will also be some fun tricks you can do with the dummy including putting a lot of fun into your work.

As the name suggests the dummy is a paperweight, in fact it is a dummy, that looks just like you. However, it uses the rules and guidelines to play the game, just like you. This is the game of “Dummy”, the game of “Dummy” for a very long time, as the name shows. This is no game for children under 12 years, because the rules and regulations are not suitable for that age group. You must also remember that this toy is considered legal by almost every country and that means it is available worldwide. However, if you have an international address in your country of residence and in some local countries you may face problems due to their regulations. We have an “International Dummy” that we have made that will keep you safe even if you are only visiting those countries.

All our Dummy Training materials are 100% safe and all our Dummy Items are genuine and 100% produced in the USA.

“The most important of all tools. The only tool that, all the time, will guarantee the victory of your nation at any crisis…” ― The Old Man Logan

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