How do you become a ventriloquist Lesson 1?

First, let’s take a look at our favorite example. We have a group of 10 children, ages 3–10. They are each given a dummy that can be manipulated in various ways to produce various sounds. These sounds are to be played off the teacher’s phone.

When the kids are asked to play sounds on a dummy, they are told to hold the phone about their waist until a “click” is heard. They are told these sounds should be played with their hands, which you can see from above being held tightly behind their backs.

Next, the teacher hands each child the dummy at their waist. Each time this happens, they repeat the sound. If they play the dummy without holding the phone behind their backs, the sound is heard. If they press their hand behind their back, the sound is heard.

Now we would like to watch how the kids play our sound. These videos are embedded below. I would encourage all of you to watch them and make your own decisions as a parent based on their choices.

A parent’s response

I agree with the points you’ve made about playing.

I feel like the parents, and the teachers, should have more of a role here than just a click.

On the other hand, I feel as though kids should be given the option of playing the sound on their own. I just don’t feel like they should have to hold a phone in front of them all the time. So I would agree that parents should help kids take control of the sounds. But, I also feel as though they should also help the kids get some control over the sounds.

Now, I’ve never heard the parents of that group do the “hold the phone” thing where they force the sound into their head with their whole head. But I don’t necessarily consider that to be a safe thing. And I’m concerned the other kids are seeing that as a safe, effective way to play.

So is it OK to do that?

Well, the good of the play is clearly in the hands of the teachers, not the parents. So, I’d like to see this kind of play in our classroom, even if the parents don’t get to be there and play.

I think this play is a good opportunity for the teacher’s to teach to the students.

What do you think? Is it ok to play around with the dummy holding the phone? Have you ever heard the kids of that