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I got bored one day a few years ago and decided to try out the act again. I didn’t know anyone really did this, so I did what any normal, non-professional ventriloquist would do… I pretended to play something that didn’t exist. Once I’d finished, I’d just leave! I never thought it would be enough to get me an audience that would be willing to engage in an improv session, but the more I did it, the more it clicked with me. I was hooked; I still am.

How did you do it? Well first, the person you mimic needs to be a little dumb, or rather deaf, to do so. Most of the tricks are pretty easy to do and even the ones I couldn’t, I was able to get past by trying a few different ones that you can get on the market if you go to the “Ventriloquist Tools” website. After you learn them, you’ll find the easiest ways to do them.

2). Don’t make a deal.

You can actually learn to do what goes into the ventriloquist show. What does the deal cost, you ask? Well if you are going to try, it’s going to take some practice and patience. I had a few deals with friends that did the show and I just never did anything with them. The one I really liked that we did, we actually made a pact with each other, and then I would go in and do it, and then we would just go out and meet each other for an improv session. It was very easy for me, and in a few weeks, we had a show where we did exactly what I said, but it was a lot slower, and a lot more boring.

3). Have fun!

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A good ventriloquist can’t help but have a good time doing the act. There really isn’t anything you can do that the audience won’t laugh at, especially if you are playing it right.

There were a few occasions where I was a little frustrated with the performance. For example when I was playing the first “Woof”. He was playing the first Woof, but he was laughing so hard that I just had to stop the scene so I could get out of the way. I was frustrated that I could not make his laugh, which really is the goal of ventriloquism. It is important to be in that moment, as it can be scary for a

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