How do ventriloquists drink water and talk?

The ventriloquist can be taught to speak, or at least learn to say some words, by learning to talk and drinking it to be “in tune.” The basic vocabulary is quite limited; however, once learned, the words and syntax are easy enough for students to learn. A lot of the basic vocabulary may or may not have a corresponding, verbal equivalent in the vernacular. The ventriloquist will have to make sure that the new vocabulary does not clash with his own. The most common words he will learn will be:





This is often the case with language-learning. Ventriloquists are used to being told what to say and how to say it, and thus they will learn the words to say the sentences.

-I- , I

-a- , a

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-t- , to

-I- , I

All these words and more will be needed for talking. For that, you can talk to the ventriloquist as if he had a mouth instead of an “eyeball” for communicating verbally. Then you can ask him what to say or ask for directions.

The language may be spoken or read, depending on what is necessary for your particular story. Also, you must be prepared for an interruption or a question from the ventriloquist. The key is not to interrupt but to respond in the same way. If he interrupts, he will then say something or show a behavior (e.g. clapping her hands). You say, “What is the situation?” Then he gives a response.

The ventriloquist’s “eyeballs” do not talk to any body of “persons” or “situation” for him to talk to, at least initially. They only talk to the ventriloquist, and thus, to his story. His story then becomes his “word game,” and the words are his “tricks.” He needs to be prepared for questions, and there will often be a time and place for it to happen. For example, if you are trying to create an image in the home audience or school, he will need to know that he will need to speak “yes” with his “eyen,” “ah-ha,” and “uh” responses. This is usually the time for the audience to interrupt the ventriloquist’s story