How do beginners learn ventriloquism? – Ventriloquist Methods

I really don’t have a good answer to this question, but my instinct, as a lifelong resident of England, is to suggest that one should seek to learn it from people who already possess the technique. In my opinion, this way of learning is more likely to produce real benefits than if you try to learn it on your own at first.

There are a number of different sources on the net which teach the basic technique. Some of them may be too advanced for a beginner, while others may provide a good framework for learning it. I will list three of them below.

The following is a list of resources for learning to play the Ventriloquism, (vocalization of spoken words) in free online lessons created by The University of Wales

The University of Wales has produced a series of free online learning lessons that cover the technique. The first course, Ventriloquiophonic Play is available on various devices including

Macs and iPhones

Windows PCs

Chromebooks (and eventually the Android and iOS devices)


Android phones

iOS phones

The second course, Ventriloquiophonic Play: Theory and Practice is available for free online as a free download below. This has been revised for the most up-to-date technology. It is divided into 7 lessons covering the different elements of ventriloquism, including voice, body and speech, but also voice and body movements and articulation, lip movements, ear positioning and the basics of rhythm. There are also video lessons, animations to help you practise and more to be added, including a ventriloquist’s performance of The Christmas Carol in addition to the usual content. It is a must-have for anybody interested in ventriloquism. I will review the video lessons in this review section too, as my previous Ventriloquiophonic Play course was only an introductory course, covering the basics of ventriloquism only and had limited content. It does not contain any music, yet it is a good starting point, if you want to have a deeper understanding of ventriloquism. Download The University of Wales Ventriloquiophonic Play: Theory and Practice

The third course, Ventriloquiophonic Play: Practice is also available for free online. This includes video lessons and one piece of music from its predecessor. The same exercises of the first two course are included in this

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