Does Rex dies victorious?

If, however, any of his minions can reach the throne chamber in time, there is a significant chance that Rex will die in the ensuing battle, leaving a vacuum in which the other members can easily take control of the throne room, creating the illusion that Rex still presides over the situation, but only in the present, which is why it is essential that he be captured to the new throne chamber in order to prevent a repeat of the previous battle.

Rex has three distinct death animations; his first is when he is wounded and falls to the ground, being attacked by some minions. This takes place after Rex has finished regenerating, and also shows where Rex stands during the transition back to his original position after being defeated. Afterwards, Rex stands up and walks to the middle podium. He appears to remain in this position for a few seconds, before dropping to the ground and dying. He then begins to walk around his throne room, taking up the position where he stood prior to his death. After this, Rex is seen again, dead.

Rex then appears at the middle podium again, but this time, he appears again wearing his crown, as well an Imperial military uniform. He stands before his throne again for another round of his speeches. After this, he appears in a more normal position with his helmet off. He begins to walk around before dropping to the floor and is then taken out of the arena, leaving only the throne room floor untouched. After the final one, Rex walks slowly towards the new throne room.

After the battle in the throne room, Rex is brought back alive from the dead, which reveals how Rex was never killed by the Rebel army in the first place, as he had his face cut off. However, this proves not enough to stop Rex’s reign; after a brief moment of hesitation, the player is confronted with three final options presented by Rex. However, if he chooses a “good” option or the first one, when Rex’s new reign finally comes to an end, Rex will be restored to his original (second) form. If he chose the second option, he will simply be revived to his rightful throne. If he chose the third option, he will not ever be resurrected by a Rebel soldier.

Rex’s new throne room

Rex’s throne room in Rogue One

Rex has the ability to enter a state of “resurrection” if he is revived in a particular way, allowing him to gain a power that is completely unrelated to the throne room that he