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No, rather he is slain and then reborn again. The second time is the same as the first, but the third time is the last. He is the last man to enter the final realm and be reborn there. He is, as the Bible says, a man in a coffin. You will see him in the second chapter of the book and in the third chapter. The reason I say that is the same reason all Christians believe in it. If Jesus is the true King, then the true King in the book, God, is the King of the third chapter and the last, fourth and sixth. Therefore we believe that Jesus is the King of this book which is Christ. Thus I see that he was a true King. This is what we believe.
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Now a final question. Suppose that when I went to the grave of Rex, he came back to life. But in another way. He went to the grave and he saw Jesus. He told all the things that Jesus had said to him and he told them clearly and clearly to tell him, “This is my king who told it to me”. And then he comes back and says he has come home. He has left his mother and his father and he has found his God, who said this will be the end of his world. Then he says he has come home. And how does this happen? Well, it happens because Jesus is alive as long as this little book is in print. There is no way the book could be out of print if Jesus was dead. You can print it but there is no way Jesus could be there. I think in Revelation the first book of the New Testament is about the end of the world. That has gone on for centuries, I would say since about 1,500 B.C. As I know the great Greek theologians, the greatest of the Greek writers and philosophers. It is said that a woman who was born in about A.D. 200 died, and if you look at Genesis 18 we find that a woman did live, but in the beginning, when Jesus was born, she died. She was brought into the world without her parents, she and her baby, that was an embryo. And all her years, she spent in this world, in the womb and all she had done, all her life has always been as a dead thing that was going to end. But in the middle, the middle of the book, Jesus came into that little world of the child and he healed an infant, that was just

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