Do Cat and Robbie end up together? – How Do You Learn Ventriloquism Youtube Video

We are currently writing the script for the second series of Cat and Robbie. At this point we need to write the second series in order to make sure the audience is really happy. In the meantime, we’re still building a story we think would be absolutely wonderful with all three characters.

Can you talk us through what the future’s looking like for Cat and Robbie?

There’s a lot to do and a lot of characters we need to introduce, including more cats. One of the characters, in particular, has gone a bit mad in his quest for revenge. In fact, after he found his lost mother he was actually doing some awful things to a cat in order to find her. If we’re gonna keep the story of the Cat and the Mouse at the back of our minds we really ought to stop using it – at least as far as the movie is concerned. So, we really need this cat not to be found and he needs to kill the mice! (Laughs). So, this next series will take some time to build the cat’s character.

We don’t see them talking very much now, does that make it an easier or harder character to work with than other series or is it more of a challenge?

I think it’s a little bit easier. In fact on the recent show, there was a great bit where they got trapped in the sewer, which wasn’t fun at all, and then Robbie was walking by, saw the big cat and said: “Where are you? Where did you see this?” and he said: “In a tunnel in London” and then realised that the cat wasn’t even there. And so that bit was really fun, and it’s very easy to work with.

Did the writers have any inspiration from the comic books?

It’s very hard not to. You watch the Cat and Mouse comic in a theatre theatre in London, and we used almost all of the comic panels but we did bring in some real cartoon moments from the comics for the voice work and for the lighting. When you read the comic they use all of the cartoons that are in the show – and that’s very different, because we have more control than in any other series. And so we made fun of that – because we didn’t want people reading the comic and then thinking: “Oh, this makes sense how we’ve told the story, but now I’ve got to go back and read the comics!” We had to say: “Look, the last

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