Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex?

We hope so. What would you change about the show?
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I think a better name should’ve been chosen for a guy named Rex, as he was a huge influence in all aspects of the show, from having to go up to the house to the bathroom to finding food in there. But all he did throughout the course of the show was make sense, and I think a better name would’ve been Rex’s wife, Maggie.

Does Maggie remind you of any other women on Community?

I can’t say, I’ve only seen her in a dress and nothing else!

A long-term unemployed man has been found guilty of an indecent assault on a 17-year-old girl — after a jury found him guilty of assaulting her five times.

Sergio Rios, 39, admitted a single count of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and two counts of actual bodily harm.

He was ordered to stand trial after a single day of deliberations at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday, January 19.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, the victim said: “When I looked in their faces, I knew the impact they could have on my childhood.”

The woman said the assault had caused “a major trauma that’s lasting well into my 20s”.

“While the accused denies he committed these offences I see his actions as disgusting, criminal and reprehensible because they are so contrary to who he considers himself to be,” she added.

He was also cleared of one count of sexual assault, the charges arising from assaults and assaults on a number of people between 2002 to 2004.

The prosecution said Rios assaulted the girl on the street outside the pub he worked at at Roker Street in May 2012 “when she was alone with a man” in the car park.

The girl said she got into the car when a man in a hooded jumper approached her and groped her.

At a bail court hearing yesterday that was attended by more than 150 of the girl’s friends and family and the mother of one of the alleged victims, the girl who has now left home said she would like to be raped again.

The girl told the court the alleged rape came after a night out with friends, with the alleged attacker walking down a street, “looking at girls”.

She said: “When I got into the car he said ‘what are you doing in my car’. I asked ‘what am I doing