Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex? – Ventriloquist Dummy Youtube

And how do the new characters compare to previous incarnations in the series? We’ve all been curious about that for a long time. In this episode of the podcast, we delve into what, exactly, makes the show different, as well as look ahead to next season, where the characters will rekindle their friendship and the fate of the Earth may depend on it.

Plus, we take a look back at how things in Rex’s world have changed – now that he’s a real man with real opinions and no longer an alien from another planet!

Plus, a message from the producers about the rebooted Rex/Sonic crossover episode.

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This week on Futurama, the gang comes up with a hilarious and crazy scheme to use their newest toy to win the big prize — a whole new world to explore. But before they hit the ground running, the gang has a chat with Matt Bennett and Dr. Zoidberg about the upcoming season, plus our takeaways from the convention.

We couldn’t resist talking about the new animated series, so listen in as we get to know Matt Bennett, Dr. Zoidberg and Bill Reel before the upcoming season begins on September 27 on Fox.

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