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What is A/B or split testing?

A/B testing is when you take one test, run the test, and then decide to run a different test. It is a great way to find the most effective way to test features, or to see whether certain tests are actually making a difference.

By A/B testing, you can divide up your test into different sections that take different amounts of time to complete.

Why test on mobile first?

By the time your design is complete, your team will be testing on a very different platform. So why can’t you do it all on the web too? The reality is that mobile app development is much more complex or time consuming compared to the web, which is used as the foundation of many projects.

And, for the ones creating mobile apps and websites, testing with multiple browser versions is especially important. While you do great test-driven development, testing your UI on multiple browsers is much more of an investment to your time.

There is also not such a huge range of browsers, and it’s much easier to move to a different browser without losing the results of the tests.

The best way to use A/B testing on an app is to choose to use a particular test in one section, and run it in that section. For example, if you wanted to test your email feature and decide to run the email test in your mobile version, you would have to move it to mobile before running the mobile test. Then you can quickly decide which version of the app you want to see how long your customers use for the test.

When using split testing, each part or section of your code goes through different steps. It’s as simple as this.

You divide your code into different chunks (or chunks, as in tests) and run them in various browsers.

The more tests you run, the more testing you must do. So how is it different from A/B testing? A/B testing is the best option, as it takes care of all the other details.

Why split testing?

In the world of app design, A/B testing is the most common way to split up your project.

The other options of split testing (which is why split testing and A/B testing are referred to as “split testing”) involve using multiple browser versions to test different parts of your app as part of the same test suite

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