Can you talk without opening mouth? – Secret To Ventriloquism

Yes! What do you want to see, or do?

Can you go ahead and finish whatever you are doing now, or should I go ahead and continue?

You can stop what you are doing.

(Pause) Now, where you going, now?

Are you talking? Now? Can you see me now?

Can you go ahead and continue or should I let you finish what you are doing?

After you have talked, or have talked without opening mouth, repeat the activity with the same person, so that you start with the other person and make two repeats. Make a note of this activity and refer back to it during all conversation. If someone speaks too quickly, you can slow them down a little, or repeat the activity until it is slow enough for you to understand it; then, resume talking. In this exercise, you can use several different voices to emphasize different points, and to make conversations more interesting.

Use the following table to help you study:

1. If someone says, “Do you mind if I look at your hand?”

2. If someone asks, “How do you do?” The answer is: “I have two fingers. Let me see yours.”

3. “Do you mind if I read your lips?” This means, “Show me your smile.”

4. “Do you mind if I look into your eyes?” This means, “Let me see your eyes.”

5. “Do you mind if I look at your feet?” This means: “How do your feet look?”

6. “Do you mind if I put my finger in your mouth?” This means, “Tell me what you are chewing.”

7. “Do you mind if I touch your head?” This means, “Show me your finger.”

8. “Do you mind if I take your mouth down to your ear?” This means, “Tell me what you are listening to.”

9. “Do you mind if I stroke your back?” This means, “Have you been listening to your friend?”

10. After you are in this situation for at least five repetitions, say, “Show me your smile again.”

11. Repeat this until everything is clear.

When in conversations, remember to say “Show me your smile.”

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