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No, there is still a limit of ten seconds. It took me five minutes.

How can it get better? There is one thing that we can do.

(Kabuki) As you can see, she has a serious expression.

I will take her outside.

(Kabuki) I will take you outside. There is always something more dangerous… there is still something else.

I will leave it to you.

After that, we should have a proper negotiation. That is my plan anyway.

It’s probably a better plan if you do things properly.

What if we are a little more mature. Let’s be like that.

The next day, I brought Kabuki outside.

The girl called Eris is sitting on a chair that’s opposite the entrance of the church. She’s wearing a dress.

It looks like she was going to be a priestess. Her hair is done with silver hairpins.

I am the same as usual. I can’t move my body.

(Kabuki) As usual, it takes time to move.

Just how long will you let me stay here? I only ask for one more minute. Even if you are more than me, I’ll have no choice but to say one more point and…

Eris who is still wearing a dress smiles.

She says that she has no one else with her as the only one.

If you think about it, there isn’t anything else she can do. She is still a child. It’s probably fine if you only talk for one minute.

If it’s okay with you… then it’s fine too.

After hearing my answer, Eris smiled cheerfully.

“Uoh, that’s the type of person you are. Ah well. I will leave it to you, since it’s your turn.”

“Yes, yes. I will do my best. I have made many mistakes. However, I am still at the same level as you. If you are going to be a priestess, let’s start right in the beginning.”

Eris, having received that, replied with a smile.

(Kabuki) That’s right. That’s your face. I’m glad.

Eris also smiles and says that as such.

“Then, it’s settled. I will say that I will

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