Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating? – Ventriloquist Puppet How To Make

There’s something a little romantic about the fact that both people were born into the music industry; it’s hard to imagine that their marriage will work unless they have some sort of special connection. I don’t think they are really the “soul mates” that some are trying to place, if that’s what your definition of “soul mate” is. If there’s a romance building here, it’s one in which the two of them really get on that plane together.

Is Ariana Grande too “bored” for the spotlight?

I don’t think she is “bored.” She’s not just sitting in the house in her sequined and gold bathing suit all day. She wants to be the star. She wants to be the one to talk about what she’s wearing. She just wants to be the person she thinks is going to make it, and she’s willing to put in the work. She’s the first and only “celebrity” on that team, and she doesn’t want to be just one more face in the crowd. It feels like she’s ready to go out there and be a part of the show, instead of just kind of being there for herself. I can’t imagine that Matt Bennett is bored, either.
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Do you think Matt and Ariana will get back together?

I don’t know the answer to that question. It’s a tough one to answer, and I don’t want to say he’s “done.” He’s still on tour now, and they’re still very busy, so I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Is everyone on this season’s “supergroup” ready or just hanging with them in hopes that maybe they can play off each other on the show?

It all depends on how many of them we do, how many of them we have around us. Matt has made the decision to not have too many. He’s willing to give us a day to ourselves and work on our music and figure out who we are as musicians. If he were to play with them, it would be like his band. He would go out there and rock it. He’s very happy to have that level of freedom and be on his own.

A lot of fans thought the season ended on a bittersweet note, with Matt not showing up in the finale. Is anything different in light of this?

I’m just happy for him. He’s definitely going to be with his family

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