Why is ukulele so popular? – Learn Ukulele Strumming Patterns

Because ukulele is not a guitar or a piano but an instrument which plays the music you would like to hear.

So, no, the ukulele does not have the quality, durability and precision to play the music you are looking for. The ukulele’s “sound quality” may be better than the acoustic pianos and the “sound of ukulele” in some studios is better than the sound of the orchestra. You will get a better sound with the quality of the ukulele.

Why can’t i buy it in the USA?

The instrument and the studio are a US business. The instruments are made in France in a factory. That is why you will not find the instrument in America, or the factory where it was made.

What are the other models?

We have 7 models. Each model is different from other models, different and exclusive. A good example of such a feature, is the “tapestry” or the strings. They were invented, invented so many different ways, but are the most unique feature of such ukulele, you will find them in every model.

What instruments was the Ukulele made in?

Well, the main manufacturer of ukuleles is the same company.

Why did the first manufacturers go bankrupt?

We are a global company – our products are available all over the world. The factory from which the ukulele was made, went bankrupt. We cannot help you solve this problem.

How many ukuleles are there?
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We do not know. The ukulele maker does not want to share that data with you. But if we know, it would be too complicated to show you!

What is the difference between the ukulele and the acoustics

We have a list of features on our homepage about the ukulele, the ukulele acoustics and the ukulele studio and how they compare to other ukuleles.

Why would someone choose the ukulele over an acoustic instrument?

Because the ukulele has something you need right away, if you want to practice for an hour and the sound of your ukulele is not perfect. Not an acoustical instrument, it is the ukulele for learning how to play the violin and piano.

What is the

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