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(The list is not exhaustive, and the best ukulele for you might depend on your current need)

1. The Korg Microkorg MPK40, available in green and yellow in stock shops, as well as from Amazon. This ukulele was specifically designed to fit a standard keyboard in a medium-size guitar case.

2. The Gio Bass One, available in two colour options: black or blue, a very good value.

3. The Korg Microkorg MPK40, available by the foot in black as well as the traditional green/yellow combo.

4. The Korg Microkorg MPK40, available in white, blue and black.

5. The Korg Mini Mojo. This is a great value: good sound, good looks and a great value for money.

6. The Korg Mini Mojo. The black model.

7. The Korg Mini Mojo, not only the black of course.

8. A very good value in the black model.
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9. A great alternative to the Mojo, but this one is made of much better plastics and is more stylish.

10. A very good value as well in the black model (the second highest price of the bunch) – a great acoustic guitar, and good value for money.

For a better, smaller option (less space and limited sound), try the Korg Mini Mojo or the Korg Microkorg Mojo – the Microkorg was designed in Japan, but you can go right to for the Mojo.

The above prices are based on the US price of the regular Mojo, not the low $50 price that was used for comparison purposes. Korg are based in Japan, but I believe they also make a Japanese version called the Korg K1 or K1i.

So what of the pros and cons of each of the above ukuleles? The question is, “Which ukulele has the best sound?”

The list looks promising:

1. Korg Microkorg MPK40. This is a great value for money: excellent sound with great playing comfort, good looks and very small dimensions. A great midi to guitar keyboard.

2. Korg Microkorg K-90, a great value for money, a great acoustic guitar, a great piano keyboard

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