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You can see the best guitars in the video below.

Bobby Lashley is still the only active professional wrestler in the WWE. But how many professional wrestlers do you know that are still wrestling? You know, with a smile? This guy is one of them. And he’s a lot more fun and energetic than you could ever imagine. That’s right, Bobby Lashley is the host and producer of “The World, the Hour” on MTV2. If you’re just tuning in, you probably have no idea who he is. You might have seen him on TV, if you’re a sports fan, or maybe from the WWE in the past, in an occasional role. But after seeing this interview, I think it’s fair to think that you may know Bobby Lashley too. Even if you haven’t seen him wrestle, it’s hard to not know who he is at least. And maybe you’ve seen him from time to time on TV, or maybe even on the WWE DVD.

Bobby Lashley is like a mix between Mike Tyson (the Ultimate Fighter) and Hulk Hogan (The Hulkamania Era). His voice is strong and his body language is like a mix between J.R. Smith, Randy Couture, and Hulk Hogan himself. His attitude is almost ethereal and his voice is so deep and powerful, that anyone you ask can get all excited and excited for him. And to do that, he’s got to have a very strong work ethic and love his job. But that’s all behind him. He’s like a kid who just got home from school, a little late to school and he wanted to go grab a drink, not wanting to miss lunch and have to watch the football game. His attitude is all the same, but he loves his job. He loves to bring people to the ring and make them laugh and make them cry and feel like they want to go back for more. It’s just his personality, and the type of guy he is.

The World, The Hour is something very special to listen to and I think that it’s something that fans are going to get into. The interview we had with him in this interview is a little different than most, since the topic is wrestling. His personality is also different than usual interviewers, but his enthusiasm, charm, energy, and all the attention that he shows to make people excited to listen to his interview make it something special. It’s hard not to love him like his brother, Sting. Like Sting,

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