Which size ukulele is best?

A 10, 15 or 20 string in your hand?

The answer is your choice.

Just because a string is made the same size on most instruments doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy the smaller one. Sometimes it makes more sense to get a smaller string as you’ll be playing some part of the music and need more than a big scale string for your size.

In my opinion the 10s is probably best for you from a performance and cost perspective, although the 15 or 20 string is probably the best instrument for all purposes and size. The 10 string is smaller than a 10, 15 or 20, so is likely to be more reliable, and it’s less likely to go awry than a 20 or 30 string.

How does the size of ukulele affect the value of the instrument?

If you’re a beginner, smaller ukuleles tend to cost less than big models and, if you’re a professional, you’ll probably get the best value out of your instrument. However, if the ukulele’s size has been known to change in the past 50 years, a little more attention is needed to keep track.

In the past it seemed that a 10 had a higher value than most 10’s and 10’s were more expensive than 10’s. In the last 50 years, all prices have dropped so you have to be aware of this.

Some instruments are made so small they don’t even appear to be a ukulele anymore. This is sometimes known as a ‘micro’ ukulele. It’s probably the cheapest ukulele option, but at the same time, you’re not getting the real deal in every situation.

Is all 20s just a waste of money?

No, this is the case for some instruments. They are simply too small for some instruments.

There are 20s that are perfectly ok and 20s that are a waste of your money if there are no other options available.

Another thing is that 20s are smaller than 10s and 10s are smaller than 15s. This means you don’t get a fuller sound. However, these instruments are better for some instruments than others.

I have many 10 and 12 string ucs but I find that I’m better with a 20 or a 30 stringer when I want to play the same music.

As a result, 20 is my best value option for ukulele performances (for