What’s the easiest song to play on ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Fast

(For us)

1. (K)

2. (K)

3. (K)

4. (K)

5. (K)

6. (K)

7. (Dh)

8. (Dh)

9. (Dh)

10. (Dh)

How do you prepare a song for a new album? (We do)

1. Write new stuff, and record a few songs

2. (Dh)

3. (Dh)

In what song styles do you prefer, jazz, pop, rock, hip hop, etc.? (For us)

1. Jazz

2. Rock

3. Pop

4. Hip Hop

How would you rate your songwriting ability? (For ukulele players)

1. No rating

2. Great

3. Average

4. Subpar

5. Bad

Which ukulele is one of your favourite instruments to play? (For us)

1. Acoustic

2. Electric

With an ukulele, why are you not more into jazz?

(For us)

1. Because it’s hard for me to understand it

2. Because it’s just a different style of music

3. I don’t like listening to music that’s just different sounds

(The only way I listen to jazz is while listening to rock or rap or pop)

What was the last ukulele you felt confident playing that you felt comfortable with? (For us)

1. Acoustic

2. Electric

What ukulele style would u consider to be the best, and why? (For ukulele players)

1. Jazz

2. Rock

3. Pop

4. Hip Hop

If a ukulele broke and you were left without any money, what would you do? (For us)

1. Write a new music and record my songs

2. Make a new ukulele

3. Be a teacher and teach ukulele to the students

4. Sell the songwriting equipment and equipment to teach ukulele to the students

How many instruments do you have and where do you

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